foundation-0.0.15: Alternative prelude with batteries and no dependencies

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Path class

class Path path where #

Path type class

defines the Path associated types and basic functions to implement related to the path manipulation

# TODO, add missing enhancement:

splitExtension :: PathEnt path -> (PathEnt path, PathEnt path)
addExtension  :: PathEnt path -> PathEnt path -> PathEnt path
(.) :: path -> PathEnt path -> path
(-.) :: path -> PathEnt path -> path

Minimal complete definition

(</>), splitPath, buildPath

Associated Types

type PathEnt path #

the associated PathEntity of the given path this type is the minimal element contained in the Path a Path is not a collection but it is possible to see this associated type equivalent to the Element type family

type PathPrefix path #

the associated prefix of the given path

in the case of a FilePath, it is a void (i.e. `()`) in the case of a URI, it is the schema, host, port...

type PathSuffix path #

the associated suffix of the given path

in the case of the FilePath, it is a void (i.e. `()`) in the case of the URI, it is a the query, the fragment


(</>) :: path -> PathEnt path -> path #

join a path entity to a given path

splitPath :: path -> (PathPrefix path, [PathEnt path], PathSuffix path) #

split the path into the associated elements

buildPath :: (PathPrefix path, [PathEnt path], PathSuffix path) -> path #

build the path from the associated elements

parent :: Path path => path -> path #

parent is only going to drop the filename.

if you actually want to reference to the parent directory, simply uses:

parent "." = "." <> ".."
>>> parent ("foo.hs" :: FilePath)
>>> parent ("foo/bar/baz.hs" :: FilePath)

filename :: (Path path, Monoid (PathEnt path)) => path -> PathEnt path #

get the filename of the given path

If there is no filename, you will receive the mempty of the PathEnt

>>> filename ("foo.hs" :: FilePath)
>>> filename ("foo/bar/baz.hs" :: FilePath)

prefix :: Path path => path -> PathPrefix path #

get the path prefix information

>>> prefix ("/home/tab" :: FilePath)
>>> prefix ("home/tab" :: FilePath)

or for URI (TODO, not yet accurate)

prefix ""
   == URISchema http Nothing Nothing "" Nothing

suffix :: Path path => path -> PathSuffix path #

get the path suffix information

>>> suffix ("/home/tab" :: FilePath)

or for URI (TODO, not yet accurate)

suffix ""
   == URISuffix (["w", "1"], Nothing)