ghc-8.0.2: The GHC API

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dynProfHdr :: DynFlags -> CmmExpr -> [CmmExpr] Source #

Profiling header words in a dynamic closure

profDynAlloc :: SMRep -> CmmExpr -> FCode () Source #

Record the allocation of a closure. The CmmExpr is the cost centre stack to which to attribute the allocation.

profAlloc :: CmmExpr -> CmmExpr -> FCode () Source #

Record the allocation of a closure (size is given by a CmmExpr) The size must be in words, because the allocation counter in a CCS counts in words.

staticProfHdr :: DynFlags -> CostCentreStack -> [CmmLit] Source #

The profiling header words in a static closure

initUpdFrameProf :: CmmExpr -> FCode () Source #

Initialise the profiling field of an update frame

ldvEnterClosure :: ClosureInfo -> CmmReg -> FCode () Source #

Called when a closure is entered, marks the closure as having been "used". The closure is not an "inherently used" one. The closure is not IND or IND_OLDGEN because neither is considered for LDV profiling.