ghc-8.0.2: The GHC API

Safe HaskellNone




tcRnStmt :: HscEnv -> GhciLStmt RdrName -> IO (Messages, Maybe ([Id], LHsExpr Id, FixityEnv)) Source #

The returned [Id] is the list of new Ids bound by this statement. It can be used to extend the InteractiveContext via extendInteractiveContext.

The returned TypecheckedHsExpr is of type IO [ () ], a list of the bound values, coerced to ().

tcRnLookupRdrName :: HscEnv -> Located RdrName -> IO (Messages, Maybe [Name]) Source #

Find all the Names that this RdrName could mean, in GHCi

getModuleInterface :: HscEnv -> Module -> IO (Messages, Maybe ModIface) Source #

ASSUMES that the module is either in the HomePackageTable or is a package module with an interface on disk. If neither of these is true, then the result will be an error indicating the interface could not be found.

tcRnModule :: HscEnv -> HscSource -> Bool -> HsParsedModule -> IO (Messages, Maybe TcGblEnv) Source #

Top level entry point for typechecker and renamer