test-framework- Framework for running and organising tests, with HUnit and QuickCheck support

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This module exports everything that you need to be able to create your own test runner.



class TestRunner b where #

TestRunner class simplifies folding a Test. You need to specify the important semantic actions by instantiating this class, and runTestTree will take care of recursion and test filtering.

Minimal complete definition

runSimpleTest, skipTest, runIOTest, runGroup


runSimpleTest :: (Testlike i r t, Typeable t) => TestOptions -> TestName -> t -> b #

How to handle a single test

skipTest :: b #

How to skip a test that doesn't satisfy the pattern

runIOTest :: IO (b, IO ()) -> b #

How to handle an IO test (created with buildTestBracketed)

runGroup :: TestName -> [b] -> b #

How to run a test group

runTestTree #


:: TestRunner b 
=> TestOptions 
-> [TestPattern]

skip the tests that do not match any of these patterns, unless the list is empty

-> Test 
-> b 

Run the test tree using a TestRunner