Chart-1.8.2: A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots

Copyright(c) Tim Docker 2006 2014
LicenseBSD-style (see chart/COPYRIGHT)
Safe HaskellNone



This module contains the definition of the Renderable type, which is a composable drawing element, along with assorted functions to them.



data Renderable a #

A Renderable is a record of functions required to layout a graphic element.




class ToRenderable a where #

A type class abtracting the conversion of a value to a Renderable.

Minimal complete definition



toRenderable :: a -> Renderable () #

type PickFn a = Point -> Maybe a #

A function that maps a point in device coordinates to some value.

Perhaps it might be generalised from Maybe a to (MonadPlus m ) => m a in the future.

fillBackground :: FillStyle -> Renderable a -> Renderable a #

Overlay a renderable over a solid background fill.

addMargins #


:: (Double, Double, Double, Double)

The spacing to be added.

-> Renderable a

The source renderable.

-> Renderable a 

Add some spacing at the edges of a renderable.

embedRenderable :: BackendProgram (Renderable a) -> Renderable a #

Helper function for using a renderable, when we generate it in the BackendProgram monad.

label :: FontStyle -> HTextAnchor -> VTextAnchor -> String -> Renderable String #

Construct a renderable from a text string, aligned with the axes.

rlabel :: FontStyle -> HTextAnchor -> VTextAnchor -> Double -> String -> Renderable String #

Construct a renderable from a text string, rotated wrt to axes. The angle of rotation is in degrees, measured clockwise from the horizontal.

spacer :: RectSize -> Renderable a #

Create a blank renderable with a specified minimum size.

spacer1 :: Renderable a -> Renderable b #

Create a blank renderable with a minimum size the same as some other renderable.

setPickFn :: PickFn b -> Renderable a -> Renderable b #

Replace the pick function of a renderable with another.

mapMaybePickFn :: (a -> Maybe b) -> Renderable a -> Renderable b #

Map a function over the result of a renderable's pickfunction, keeping only Just results.

mapPickFn :: (a -> b) -> Renderable a -> Renderable b #

Map a function over result of a renderable's pickfunction.