diagrams-postscript-1.4: Postscript backend for diagrams drawing EDSL

Copyright(c) 2013 Diagrams team (see LICENSE)
LicenseBSD-style (see LICENSE)
Safe HaskellNone




A Postscript rendering backend for diagrams.

To build diagrams for Postscript rendering use the Postscript type in the diagram type construction

d :: Diagram Postscript
d = ...

and render giving the Postscript token

renderDia Postscript (PostscriptOptions "file.eps" (Width 400) EPS) d

This IO action will write the specified file.


Backend token

data Postscript #

This data declaration is simply used as a token to distinguish this rendering engine.




Eq Postscript # 
Ord Postscript # 
Read Postscript # 
Show Postscript # 
Backend Postscript V2 Double # 
Renderable (Text Double) Postscript # 
Renderable (Path V2 Double) Postscript # 
Renderable (Trail V2 Double) Postscript # 
Show (Options Postscript V2 Double) # 
Monoid (Render Postscript V2 Double) # 
Hashable (Options Postscript V2 Double) # 
Renderable (Segment Closed V2 Double) Postscript # 
type V Postscript # 
type V Postscript = V2
type N Postscript # 
data Options Postscript V2 Double # 
type Result Postscript V2 Double # 
data Render Postscript V2 Double # 
data Render Postscript V2 Double = C (RenderM ())
type MainOpts [(String, QDiagram Postscript V2 Double Any)] # 
type MainOpts [QDiagram Postscript V2 Double Any] # 
type MainOpts (Animation Postscript V2 Double) # 
type MainOpts (QDiagram Postscript V2 Double Any) # 

type B = Postscript #

Postscript-specific options

Unfortunately, Haddock does not yet support documentation for associated data families, so we must just provide it manually. This module defines

data family Options Postscript V2 Double = PostscriptOptions
          { _psfileName     :: String             -- ^ the name of the file you want generated
          , _psSizeSpec     :: SizeSpec V2 Double -- ^ the requested size of the output
          , _psOutputFormat :: OutputFormat        -- ^ the output format and associated options

Postscript-supported output formats

data OutputFormat #

Postscript only supports EPS style output at the moment. Future formats would each have their own associated properties that affect the output.



Encapsulated Postscript output.


Bounded OutputFormat # 
Enum OutputFormat # 
Eq OutputFormat # 
Ord OutputFormat # 
Read OutputFormat # 
Show OutputFormat # 
Generic OutputFormat # 

Associated Types

type Rep OutputFormat :: * -> * #

Hashable OutputFormat # 
type Rep OutputFormat # 
type Rep OutputFormat = D1 (MetaData "OutputFormat" "Diagrams.Backend.Postscript" "diagrams-postscript-1.4-1lS7TkA1cy97mknRIqhcKJ" False) (C1 (MetaCons "EPS" PrefixI False) U1)