base-compat-0.10.5: A compatibility layer for base

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module Data.Proxy

asProxyTypeOf :: a -> proxy a -> a #

asProxyTypeOf is a type-restricted version of const. It is usually used as an infix operator, and its typing forces its first argument (which is usually overloaded) to have the same type as the tag of the second.

>>> import Data.Word
>>> :type asProxyTypeOf 123 (Proxy :: Proxy Word8)
asProxyTypeOf 123 (Proxy :: Proxy Word8) :: Word8

Note the lower-case proxy in the definition. This allows any type constructor with just one argument to be passed to the function, for example we could also write

>>> import Data.Word
>>> :type asProxyTypeOf 123 (Just (undefined :: Word8))
asProxyTypeOf 123 (Just (undefined :: Word8)) :: Word8