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newtype CharUTF8 #

Represent an already encoded UTF8 Char where the the lowest 8 bits is the start of the sequence. If this contains a multi bytes sequence then each higher 8 bits are filled with the remaining sequence 8 bits per 8 bits.

For example: A => U+0041 => 41 => 0x00000041 '€ => U+20AC => E2 82 AC => 0x00AC82E2 𐍈 => U+10348 => F0 90 8D 88 => 0x888D90F0


CharUTF8 Word32 

encodeCharUTF8 :: Char -> CharUTF8 #

Encode a Char into a CharUTF8

decodeCharUTF8 :: CharUTF8 -> Char #

decode a CharUTF8 into a Char

If the value inside a CharUTF8 is not properly encoded, this will result in violation of the Char invariants